The Best Way to Use CBSE Sample Papers

The CBSE board examination for the 10th and 12th will start from 2019 next month. Many students preparing for the CBSE 10th and 12th Board exams often ask many questions such as, “How to Write Answers in the CBSE Board Examination?”

Or “How to write in the board exam to get good marks?” Points in subjects such as English and one of the most frequently asked questions is how can a person get 100% marks in subjects such as English and Social Science.

In this article, you will learn the effective way of writing answers in the CBSE Board Examination 2019 with the help of CBSE sample papers and notation plans.

A few months back from the beginning of CBSE board exams, CBSE issues sample papers and marking schemes for Class X and Class XII. First, we will know what is special about sample papers issued by CBSE and how it can be used to learn the art of writing the correct answer in the CBSE Board Examination 2019.

What makes CBSE sample papers and marking schemes special?

Sample Papers issued by CBSE are based on the latest syllabus and exam pattern. The latest blueprints are strictly followed in these sample papers and students learn some important things with these sample letters.

  • Exam pattern
  • Template
  • Plan options in paper
  • The difficulty level of questions

After going through these CBSE sample papers, the students preparing for the CBSE board examination get a fair idea about the question paper. Just look into the below sample papers you will get a fair idea.

sample question paper 2018-19

In Question no.3, students are asked to prepare a poster on a subject and call it. Now, this is a snapshot from the latest English CBSE marking scheme of this paper given below.

marking scheme

Obviously, we can see that the marks of each stage in the marking scheme are clearly defined, if we talk about the material then significant value points are also mentioned (highlighted with colors ).

In order to get the full score, the answer booklet should be written in such a way. This is just an example. You will know all the important details when you go through the entire CBSE sample letter and its notation plan.

How can anyone download CBSE sample letters and marking schemes?

All sample papers and marking schemes are available on CBSE’s official website ie For your convenience, we have provided all the CBSE sample papers with its marking plans. You access them from the link below:

What are some other important resources in addition to sample papers and notation plans for preparing for CBSE board exams?

Some important resources that can help you prepare for the CBSE Board Examination 2019

  • Answer booklet issued by CBSE scanned
  • NCERT Textbooks and NCERT Solutions
  • Latest CBSE Sample Papers
  • Papers of previous years of CBSE board examination

So far, you have learned to use the CBSE sample papers and marking plans to prepare for the CBSE Board Examination 2019. Just go through it and you will surely get effective results.


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