I CAME HERE FROM GURU NANAK PUBLIC SCHOOL & ONLY FEW STUDENTS LIKED ME there AND most of them ALWAYS teased me with different annoying names. Then my parents decided to change the school and I joined Vidya Niketan. I opted for easy subjects as suggested by Vicky Sir and its been 3 years in this school I cleared my 10th 11th and appearing for 12th without any fear and with full cooperation from teachers and admin, I am now more confident, happy, content and improved over all. I thank them all for there support and guidance.x

Guneet Kaur

I switched to Vidya Niketan for my 10th grade in CBSE after facing study pressure and health issues at my previous school, SBV. My uncle recommended Vidya Niketan as his daughter also studied there and topped in 12th grade through NIOS in the Delhi NCR region. Since joining, I feel more relaxed, have better time management for studies and extracurricular activities, and find studying more enjoyable.


Hello, I'm Harsh from GTB. I was feeling upset and my father scolded me for not taking my studies seriously. However, he spoke to his friend who suggested a solution to save my academic year. They recommended that I become a CBSE correspondence student at Vidya Niketan for class XII. I am grateful to my parents and the person who advised my father to choose Vidya Niketan.


After the COVID-19 pandemic, like many other students, I became careless about my studies. I couldn't clear my accounts subject in class XI, but I can't blame anyone else but myself because I was too busy with my friends. I want to express my gratitude to my aunt, who was a student at Vidya Niketan 20 years ago, for guiding me to join this institute. Here, I have found that my concepts are becoming clearer, and I am becoming more focused on my studies.


I made the decision to join this school, Vidya Niketan, for my secondary examination in 2023 after reading reviews on Google. Since joining here, I have become more serious, responsible, and started loving my school studies. The teachers here give me the attention and support that was lacking in my previous school, Sarvodya Bal Vidhyalaya. Moreover, the school timings are from 8:00 am to 11:00 am, giving me plenty of time for myself. This change has had a positive impact on my education and overall well-being.


After leaving my previous school, I enrolled in S.D Public School. However, I struggled to adapt to the new environment and became easily distracted, which led to me failing in the 9th class. At that point, my aunt suggested to my parents that I join this school. The first week here was quite challenging for me, but I had no other option. Thanks to the efforts and support of my teachers, I gradually became more comfortable and now I am satisfied with my studies.


The brand name GNPS may be good for some, but it wasn't the right fit for me. Due to financial constraints, I couldn't afford private tuition and had to rely solely on my school studies. Being part of a large group of 50 students was never easy for me. I felt shy and hesitant to ask questions from my teachers, who didn't seem concerned about clearing my doubts. This left me disheartened and developed an inferiority complex about my academic abilities, resulting in my failure in the 9th class.

When my school teacher suggested joining this school, Vidya Niketan, I was initially hesitant as I had other options. However, the administrators at Vidya Niketan convinced me to join. Here, the teachers put in extra efforts with students, creating a comfortable environment where I can now confidently ask questions and clear all my doubts without any fear.

Rupesh Kumar

Despite never considering private education initially, I found myself here due to my own carelessness and overconfidence. However, I am pleasantly surprised to discover that I am thoroughly enjoying my studies. The experience has transformed me into a more confident and motivated student, eager to achieve high scores. I am grateful for this opportunity to grow academically and personally. The challenges I have faced have taught me valuable lessons about the importance of dedication and hard work. I am now determined to make the most of my time in this private education setting and strive for excellence.