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About Us

Patrachar is a leading name in the school correspondence or through students studying in CBSE privately. CBSE Private School was established in 1960 for those students who went out of schools for some reason. Our open school in West Delhi works for those girls who are eco-nominal weak, and who leave school for any reason. Its main purpose is to help and guide those students, who do not get proper guidance from any other source, correspondence school teaches students in HINDI, English and PUNJABI medium. It is providing batch in the morning and evening. There are facilities for the students so that they can get jobs according to their needs.

Students can collect forms of form filling, examination forms, assignment information, qualifications, other important dates for filling the form, and regular / weak classes. Correspondence School provides accurate and import related information to every student at regular intervals of time.

CBSE private arranges for parents’ meeting, daily attendance, proper school uniforms, sports activities, half year examination / examination chain for the full development of the students. There are separate batches for girl students, personality development classes and computer education.

Regular classes based on personal attention to students are provided here so that they can compete with mainstream students of formal schools. With the help of these classes, they can qualify for their secondary and senior secondary examinations and they can choose themselves for any career.